VERB – to make (a product or person) futureproof.

In general, the term “futureproof” refers to the ability of something or someone to continue to be of value into the distant future.That the business or person remains relevant and avoids becoming obsolete. Futureproofing is the process of developing methods and using the tools that minimize the effects of shocks and stresses of future events.

Become Futureproof

Futureproofing is for the creators, the passionate, innovators and up-levellers, rebel hearts and brilliant minds who know there are paradigm shifting conversations to be had around what it takes to break the status quo, to adapt and evolve and to become a leader in ones life, business/career & industry.

The Futureproofing Podcast is where I have candid conversations with experts (well known and little known) about how to remain relevant and avoid obsolescence in your life, businesses & career.

From strategies for performance to life stories, every conversation is off-script and on target.

Start Futureproofing yourself

About Kelsey

Twice named Canada’s #1 Female Entrepreneur, I am a globally recognized and award winning business woman, writer, & speaker. They say I am known for my balance of venom and virtue, book & street smarts, belly laughs and no BS approach in both life and business, but to my friends and family I am known for beating cancer, being married to my hero, our 3 red headed kids and doing the 80’s break dance move “the worm”.

This podcast was born out of my own curiosity. I wanted to understand the reasons behind my success (MBA, million dollar businesses, amazing relationships), when for years, the system graded me at best: C+.

I wanted to dig into why, when I reached ‘success’, while everyone else was telling me I had ‘made it’, I did not feel it…. I wasn’t happy.

I wondered, what does it take to forge one’s own path, maintain my edge, stay relevant and adapt ahead of the curve…..what does it take to be Futureproof?


These are my conversations…….