World-class branding expert Sally Hogshead discovered a new way to measure how people perceive your communication, through the Fascination Personality Test.

Before researching the science of fascination, Sally rose to the top of the advertising profession in her early 20s, writing ads that fascinated millions of consumers.

Over the course of her ad career, Sally won hundreds of awards for creativity, copywriting and branding, and was one of the most awarded advertising copywriters right from start of career.

Sally frequently appears in national media, including NBC’s “Today” show and the New York Times. She was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, the industry’s highest award for professional excellence.

She is the creator of the Fascination Personality test: the world’s first personality assessment that measures what makes someone fascinating. Unlike the Myers-Briggs type indicator or the StrengthsFinder™ test, this assessment is not about how you see the world–it’s how the world sees you.

The science of fascination is based on a decade of research with over one million participants, including dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses, and over a thousand C-level executives.

Sally Hogshead is also the New York Times bestselling author of How the World Sees You and FASCINATE: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist as well as one of only 172 living members of the Speaker Hall of Fame®, the global speaking industry’s highest award for professional excellence. To become more successful, you don’t have to CHANGE who you are. You have to become MORE of who you are.


Things you will learn in this episode:

  • The two things that differentiate high-performers from those who are just average (1:00)
  • Why you need to focus on what makes you different, not your strengths (7:40)
  • Why coming from a place of desperation is the worst thing you can do if you’re an entrepreneur (13:56)
  • The reasons why it’s more interesting to look at personal brands versus corporate brands (23:52)

Deadly Quotes:


“Being fascinating is about knowing the ways people perceive you at your best so you can focus on doing that” (1:40)

“It only matters if you’re the best if you can get, and keep people’s attention” (8:09)

“To become more successful you don’t have to change who you are, (but) you have to become more of who you are” (37:42)


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