Laurence Tham is the Co-Founder of The Wellness Couch, a podcast network hosting 20+ Health and Wellness Podcast Shows including the top ranking “The Wellness Guys Show” and “Inside the Champion’s Mind” in which he is also the co-host for both shows.

Laurence is a powerful speaker, mentor and entrepreneur who focuses on SIMPLIFYING ideas and strategies that apply to daily life. His passion and guidance not only inspires audiences, but gives them the tools they need to make massive mental shifts towards creating fulfilling lives. He has dedicated his life to helping people overcome mediocrity in the pursuit of being WORLD CLASS in Life, Love and Legacy.

His approachable, down to earth personality helps others apply his lessons in their daily circumstances. Laurence takes his lessons from his past and present as a husband, father, chiropractor and an entrepreneur running several successful and unsuccessful businesses. These lessons have been honed over the last 15 years through mentorships and intensive world travel and study to meet and learn from the best. Others are quickly able to apply his lessons to their daily circumstances thanks to his down to earth, easy to follow practical advice.:

Things you will learn in this episode

  • Laurence proves you can do something different than Facebook Live to reach an audience (0:50)
  • People get stuck because of “decision fatigue” – here’s why (5:40)
  • Everyone is afraid to take chances and make choices! (8:21)
  • Are you working hard for someone else’s dream or are you following your own expectations of a happy life? (12:33)
  • Let yourself dream and let the how figure itself out later or the how will kill your dream (18:14)
  • Laurence shares why you should break your own rules (20:00)


Deadly Quotes:

“It forces me to create an insight every single day” (3:48)

“Look at the options that are actually actionable; that’s the real world.” (6:35)