Gordie Bufton is a transformational catalyst, speaker and author. His memoir Eluding Reality: A Memoir about Drugs, Psych Wards and Recovery details the most horrific and metamorphic moments of his life to inspire others to make different choices. He speaks nationally and works with a select group of private coaching clients. He has been investing in his personal development and spiritual evolution for over 15 years.


Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How Gordie’s journey lead him to educating parents on some of the warning signs of drug use in children (1:48)
  • The difference between marijuana 30 years ago versus now (7:09)
  • How marijuana affects the developing brain (9:14)
  • Can you reverse the side effects of using drugs? (11:17)
  • A common myth that we as parents are being fooled by (20:29)
  • What the “rock bottom moment” means to Gordie (26:28)


Deadly Quotes

“What I experienced, a lot of kids are experiencing” (4:12)

“The big thing is the education and being able to have these conversations with your kids and loved ones” (9:14)

“That rock bottom is that moment you decide to change” (26:34)

“”Have that child-like fascination with the world; put away your own adult conditioning” (37:20)





https://www.gordiebufton.com/eludingreality (to purchase his book)

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