Larry Winget is The Pitbull of Personal Development and a six-time NYT/WSJ bestselling author. He has spoken to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 and is in the International Speaker Hall of Fall. Larry has been the host of his own show on A&E, done national television commercials and is a regular on many national news programs on the topics of business, parenting, personal finance and personal development.

 Things you will earn in this episode:

  • What happens when you become “unintentionally obsolete”? (0:34)
  • Hard work + value = success! (1:17)
  • Why people tend to compromise who they are to try and stay relevant (1:58)
  • Larry says most people fail because they are not always open (4:07)
  • Why you need to raise above the approval of others (4:51)
  • Why having a positive attitude doesn’t work (6:42)
  • It all comes down to VALUE… (8:27)

Deadly Quotes:

“I think we have a tendency too forget what got us to where we are and then we are not very forward thinking about what will get us to the next level” (1:09)

“We try to stay relevant so we water down our content, we dumb it down so it appeals to more people” (2:19)

“I think you know internally when it is time for you to move on from what you are doing to try and find the next great thing” (3:45)

“I’m going to step back and tell you guys the truth, a positive attitude doesn’t work. You got to get negative about your life. You got to get negative to create positive change.” (6:42)


Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life by Larry Winget