Jen Hansard is a plant-based foodie, mom to two kiddos & ultra runner who believes healthy food can be quick, simple and tasty. She co-founded Simple Green Smoothies in 2015 and in 2015, they published a green smoothie recipe book and travelled the country, speaking at events and spreading the green smoothie love. Since then, Simple Green Smoothies has morphed into a movement with an amazing team and a passionate community.


Things you will learn in the episode

• How starting a church is just like starting a business (4:58)

• Why Jen never gave up on her dream business Family Sponge, and where that led.. (11:04)

• How she took the early exposure of Instagram and made her dream work! (12:34)

• Recognize how to stay relevant in a noisy space (23:13)

• Why your head should never get bigger than your heart (25:49)

• Why Jen plans on breaking her rule of wearing all the different hats in her business (and how she’ll do it) (38:37)


Deadly Quotes:

“Sometimes you just get this spark in your heart and there is something there that is driving you and on the outside, no one can understand it” (4:25)

“Do not go anywhere until you feel clear of where you’re called to go” (10:33)

“What it really comes down to to me is to stay relevant is to make sure that I am coming from a place of being genuine and always trying to help others, those two things will ever go out of style” (25:49)

“I think confidence is so overrated; it is about humility and being humble and authentic.” (40:10)