Lee-Anne graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English and Mythology (always handy) and has over twenty years of varied business experience. She began in sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 technology firm, was a partner in a start-up which stood up and still thrives today, and has cultivated a consulting, speaking and facilitating practice since 1994. Her work in the innovation and leadership fields has taken her to over 22 countries, five continents, and fifty-two airports.

Lee-Anne is married, lives in Toronto, has trekked the Himalayas and scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef. She paints rather unfortunate watercolours and dreams about workplaces alive with creative ideas and action.


Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How Lee-Ann came to work for herself and leave the corporate world (2:51)
  • The two questions we have to asks ourselves to avoid becoming unintentionally obsolete (4:41)
  • What does innovation mean to Lee-Ann? (9:25)
  • The real reason why creative expression drops dramatically after childhood…(27:13)
  • Are you driven by efficiency? (29:44)


Deadly quotes:

“If you are going to truly innovate, it’s a discipline; it’s a practice and we have to think about it really strategically” (26:00)

“Innovation is a culture nurtured by conditions and it’s not a thing but a way of doing things” (33:49)

“Complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity; those are simply the underpinnings of an innovation competency.” (34:30)