Welcome to episode 1 of Futureproofing Friday!

Future Proofing Friday, it’s new. Clearly, it’s the first episode. What’s it about? It’s about three things:

  1. Bringing you things that are happening in the world this week that is mind blowing that are shifting stuff up that you need to know about in order to be more future proof.
  2. It’s about giving you a new book or new tunes or something new and amazing that you can ingest and change your own ability to future proof yourself, your business, your career.
  3. A tool, like a tactical actual something you can use that I have experienced myself. So I’m going to preface by … Anything I talk about in this so far and until some way off future date, it’s not affiliated stuff. It’s stuff I do myself, stuff I’ve experienced that I think is useful. But that comes at the end, my friends.

Show Notes:

  • Former FBI Director, Comey Testifies Before Congress. What the heck?
  • Entrepreneurs always say, “I write my paycheck.” I always say, “No, you don’t, Your client writes your paycheck.”
  • Uber jet – It comes off the ground like it’s levitating and then it takes off in flight. The idea is that it’s going to be like an Uber.
  • Mindset twister, paradigm shifter around how we consume food … Fat For Fuel
  • Mediation not relaxation
  • Mastermind Talks, MMT, Relationships.

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