Gillian Mandich is a Holistic Health Promoter whose personal mission is to educate people about evidence-based health information so they can lead a happy, healthy life. She believes that life is a journey and is committed to being a lifelong student which comes as no surprise as she is currently completing her Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Science (with a specialization in Health Promotion).

Things you will learn in the episode:

In today’s show, we talk about happiness, sex, family, non-verbal communication, and for fun what rules we plan on breaking this year and our shared passion for yoga.

Deadly Quotes:

“One of the things I was really shocked to learn when I started digging into the happiness literature, I always thought growing up and living my life that the goal is to be happy and to not be sad, and the goal is to figure out how to get rid of sadness, how to get rid of anger, and be happy all the time. – That is not true.” (9:00)

“There’s this psychological concept called “hedonic adaptation”. And what that concept tells us is that we adapt to our life and our body gets used to things, so over time it doesn’t have as profound of an effect.” (18:00)

“My default answer is how much sex they’re having!” (39:00)



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