Today I am speaking with Daniel Gefen, Father, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Business Mentor, Speaker, and Writer.

Daniel grew his first company out of a hotel lobby. He has mastered the art of outsourcing and has since built multiple companies that run on their own. His most recent venture is GetFeatured.Media which gets people featured on targeted podcast shows. Daniel is also the host of the Can I Pick Your Brain? podcast show where he ‘picks the brains’ of successful entrepreneurs. When he’s not spending time with his wife and 4 children he’s playing tennis or coaching other people how to ‘quit’ their business and live the life they want.

Listen as we talk about getting rid of the coffee and firing staff, talking to spiders, is publishing a book really like being pregnant, and hearing NO!

Show Notes:

  • It’s like it’s a joke. Please, Kelsey, as a friend, slap me upside the head if I ever try to be anything other than myself. (2:35)
  • Every single person, everybody listening to this, has it in them to be creative, to be persistent, to be strong, to have clarity and focus, to never give up. (16:00)
  • The person who is the most interesting person in the room is the one who is interested in everybody else in the room.  (32:30)
  • Last week, it was a memorial day for my grandfather. My grandfather passed away three years ago. He was 83 years old and he was a very special man. Basically, he was in the Holocaust.  (35:30)

Deadly Quotes:

“I loved the wrestling scene. I loved watching Hulk Hogan do some sort of dropkick on the Undertaker or whatever it was.” (3:36)

“Let me ask you this. Let me ask you a question. Did you die because I said no? ” (19:30)

“I want to publish my book. My book is going to be called The Self-Help Addict, and it’s all about people who are addicted to self-help” (28:30)

“A great sales person knows how to adapt to the person that they’re selling to.  When you get married, you gotta adapt. When you have children, gotta adapt. Adaptation is part of being human and growing.” (41:00)

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