Sarah Knight is the internationally-bestselling author of two profane self-help books: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck and Get Your Shit Together. She is also a Red Sox fan, cat person, and does not know how to whistle. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Medium @MCSnugz.

Show Notes:

  • Then, I quit. I pulled the rip cord. (3:00)
  • You might think that if you quit a job, that bridge is burned. It’s not if you do it in a respectful, responsible way. (9:55)
  • The economic theory of sunk cost. (10:43)
  • The concept of giving a fuck. (14:02)
  • The not sorry method. (15:15)

Deadly Quotes:

“This idea of having our futures laid out for us with these very predictable steps. I just ran out of the desire to keep climbing those steps.” (7:02)

“Sounds like she needs a fuck budget.” (13:30)

“The concept of giving a fuck in my book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck’, has sort of two separate but equal definitions. ” (14:00)

“There is a myth that being selfish is a bad thing” (17:40)

“The really blissful parts have been working for myself .” (22:23)

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