Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO is an entrepreneur and award-winning mentor committed to building businesses that have a positive impact on the world and was named one of the 100 most influential leaders of 2015 from “EBW – Empowering A Billion Women”

In 2001, Vicki was selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum. She has spoken regularly at events around the world on a variety of topics related to innovation, technology, women, entrepreneurship, fintech, and culture.

Listen as we talk about ten year success, SheEO, and having 500 people in your corner.

Show Notes:

  • The ten year success story (1:20)
  • That’s where we went with SheEO.  We pushed the reset button. (8:30)
  • Winner-takes-all traditional financing model (9:30)
  • SheEO curated ask process (14:00)
  • Companies SheEO is for (24:00)
  • The SheEO selection process (25:30)
  • Making a habit, of no habits (34:00)

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Deadly Quotes:

“4% of venture capital goes to women, 1 out of 23 dollars loaned out to businesses goes to women” (3:25)

“I think thing that people really don’t get is this world was not designed for women” (5:30)

“The first thing to do is go get in a group of entrepreneurs and just listen to the conversation and make sure you want to do it cause it’s really hard. First of all.” (21:30)

“I believe that distinguishing yourself based on how you’re benefiting humanity is a huge market opportunity and it’s a game changer” (24:00)

“I’m gonna trust the intuition of 500 women over 5 dudes in a room any day.” (25:00)

“What is the radically generous response to this situation? How would I be different, how would I act differently, how would I dream differently if I was radically generous with myself?” (41:40)

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