Diana Goodwin has over 14 years experience in the aquatics industry working as an instructor, supervisor, and manager. She worked at a number of private swim companies and community pools.  She completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Toronto and received her Master in Business Administration from the Kellog School of Management at Northwestern.  Diana was just 19 years old when she started her swim school business, which she grew with a single $3000 investment that she received from a government grant.

AquaMobile has now grown to 1500 instructors operating across Canada and in 25 states in the United States. AquaMobile has also been profiled in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and Techvibes to name just a few, and had also pitched on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Diana has won a number of business awards including Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, the $100,000 Small Business Challenge, and was most recently a finalist for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. Diana is considered an innovator and thought-leader in “Bootstrapping” finding the most cost-effective ways to market and scale her business model.

Join us as we talk about when Diana knew that it was time to leave corporate and focus on her own business, how does Uber help Aquaswim branding, and bootstrapping.

Show Notes:

  •  Because I had that entrepreneurial spirit, while I was burning out at my corporate job traveling a lot, working long hours, I thought I need to get back into doing something entrepreneurial. (4:30)
  • We’re like Uber for swim lessons (9:30)
  • We are using technology to scale but we’re also supporting that with humans so when clients call they’ve got a customer service rep who can help them (13:00)
  • I’ve chosen to bootstrap the company for a number of reasons (16:00)
  • A thirst for knowledge and continuing to want to learn and develop and grow and experience unique things, not staying stagnant (21:30)

Deadly Quotes:

“I’m going to teach kids and adults lessons in an environment that’s comfortable to them and where I can spend more one-on-one time and help build their swim skills, build their confidence” (3:00)

“I’m so much happier doing my own thing and doing something that I felt was making a difference to people, bringing them confidence in these skills.  And I didn’t feel I was having that same impact in my day job” (5:30)

“A lot of people think that an idea will just fall out of the sky. And sometimes it does. But if you’re so focused on your day job and mentally stressed out because of that the creative juices are not gonna flow and that idea is not going to seemingly fall from the sky. It’s really important to bake out some time, whether it’s brainstorming or just to sit down and do it” (8:30)

“Now I’ve got a much more clear picture of that and what makes me happy” (28:30)

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