Dina is the founder of Hoogi and is a Meta-Coach obsessed with high performance thinking with wellbeing intact, Dina works with Parents and Teachers to develop a culture of thinking that supports children to thrive.

Dina specializes in what blocks this culture today and how to transform these blocks so that both the collective thinking of the group (or family) and the individual is valued, visible and actively encouraged. She offers practical tools and strategies to implement this. The result is a culture of high performance, innovation and working together.

Listen as we talk about doing what’s expected, our rapidly changing world, and what is the greatest thing you can do for your children.

Show Notes:

  • I came out with my accounting degree, got my chartered accountancy exams and became a chartered accountant. For my parents, that was a stable career. It was something that they encouraged. (5:30)
  • We’re in a rapidly changing world and somehow, we’ve got to adjust to this change. (11:30)
  • Some people are stuck in chopping and changing and going all over the place, that actually their children don’t respect them because there’s no discipline, no routine. They’re not able to get their kids to bed on time, they land themselves in chaos and then wonder why they’re chasing their tail all the time. (31:00)
  • Resilient Teachers program. (35:30)
  • “Mom, how can I help you?” (45:20)

Deadly Quotes:

“I had what I needed and what other people would have wanted, I guess, but for me there was gap getting up every day, feeling enthused and feeling truly valued in the work that I was doing. I didn’t value myself in the work that I was doing” (7:30)

“Where do you find most of us [parents], once we finally wave the white flag and go, I actually don’t know what I’m doing out here.” (11:00)

“I think the greatest thing we can do for our children is look after ourselves first, and I know that gets banded around so much, but it’s the truth.” (17:00)

“If your kids can’t make mistakes and if they can’t make them at home, how are they going to make them in the world.” (23:00)

“I missed out on my children’s childhood, I missed out on connection with them. I was so in my mind on to the next thing, on to the next thing, that actually what I was missing was connection.” (30:00)

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