Welcome to episode 2 of Futureproofing Friday!

Futureproofing Friday will help prepare you for the great unknown future by talking about things that will blow your mind and things that will help you out.  This Friday we are talking about:

  1. Chimeras
  2. Controversy
  3. A mind blowing book for all business owners
  4. A tool that will transform your daily life

Show Notes:

  • Chimeras – frightening or innovative? (1:42)
  • Regulations can change and they change all the time (3:37)
  • Can you use controversy as currency? (5:20)
  • This week’s book recommendation (6:55)
  • Everything is a nugget (8:20)
  • Everyone one talks about how being fit is good – here’s the tool for everyone! (9:00)

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