Larry Lawton is an author, motivational speaker, TV personality, honorary police officer and the Founder and President of the Reality Check Program. He is a former career criminal, once known as the biggest jewel thief in the United States.

Upon Larry’s release from jail, he started the Reality Check Program to help young people and in 2008 Larry started working with law enforcement giving them the insight and knowledge of a professional criminal.

Today we are talking about feeling like Robin Hood, losing time with those you love, and how Larry turned his time in prison to a path of learning and redemption.”

Show Notes:

  • When you do things that are wrong to people you have to justify your own life. (4:00)
  • Good entrepreneurs should be thinking massive (15:30)
  • What we’re going to talk about is how to get to people and how to read people, and what you need in people. (24:30)
  • Reality Check Program (20:20)
  • You should always know your audience. You should as an entrepreneur know your customer. (43:30)

Deadly Quotes:

“I am proud, and very honored to be the only ex-con in the United States to be an honorary police officer. And the only ex-con in the United States ever to be recognized on the floor of the United States Congress” (4:30)

“All entrepreneurs, I hope they have an ego because you need an ego. You need an ego and to know you’re the best. Because you can’t be that timid person.” (13:00)

“Buddy, check this out. We can’t be convicted as adults yet.” Doodly-doo, I’ve got it all figured. And then all of a sudden, that story from my dad. All you’ve got is your integrity.” (32:50)

“You had the balls to say it like it is and tell what you believe. And I believe that, too. We need to help these people.” (40:00)

“You’ll have to look at this when I explained to her how to hide a knife up your rectum on CNN.” (40:30)

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