Rob Nunnery is the creator and host of and the Fail On Podcast.He believes that embracing failure is the most important factor in achieving success.  No stranger to failure himself, he battled through nine failed businesses and 14 failed employments before creating his first seven figure advertising business in 2014.  He parlayed his success in that business to starting and investing in an ad network that now does eight figures in annual revenue.  His focus is now teaching people how to fail their way to living an inspired life of freedom.

Listen as we talk about being a successful failure, financial and time freedom, and do we really talk about who’s hot in politics?

Show Notes:

  • Who is hot in politics? (5:00)
  • Rob wanted to quit his nine-to-five and create, basically, financial freedom and time freedom. (7:30)
  • Is Rob a crier?  (14:30)
  • What does Rob think the next big thing is? (37:30)
  • Does Rob really like failure? (40:30)
  • What is the Fred Factor? (48:00)

Deadly Quotes:

“It’s taken years of work, but, you know, failing every day.” (5:45)

“What do you want to be remembered for?” (9:15)

“I just wanted freedom, so that was the path I went.” (11:00)

“If you’re not gonna do this, stop acting like you’re gonna fucking do it. If you’re gonna do it, just do it.” (15:00)

“I love having the conversations. Like the fact that we’re recording this right now. I’m in Colorado, you’re in Canada, and this is gonna be available for people all over the world to listen to, and it didn’t exist before this morning. It’s freaking awesome. You know? So cool.” (35:25)

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