Show Notes:

  • When I break from my habits, I find that very shortly after I fall out of flow (8:15)
  • What keeps you cutting edge? (11:40)
  • The freedom thing (24:45)
  • The lesson from James Alter (37:30)

Matthew Bertulli is CEO and cofounder of Demac Media, a company of more than 100 marketers, designers, and developers that helps merchants of all sizes grow and optimize their ecommerce businesses. Demac Media helps its merchant partners get hundreds of millions of dollars in online sales every year.

Matthew Bertulli is a student and evangelist of commerce. From his youth spent around the family retail business, to his current role as CEO and co-founder of commerce agency Demac Media, to co-founding the compostable plastics brand Pela Case, Matt has spent a lifetime inside the world of retail commerce.

Matthew and I are talking about creating flow, being cutting edge, and what did Matt do when he got back a bit of time?

Deadly Quotes:

“My best ideas are somebody else’s”

My grandfather always said, “Life is a shit sandwich, just bite it man.”

“I don’t try to live way out on the edge. I like to look just a few feet around the corner”

“When you look at the edited version of someone’s life, you can’t be envious of just the higher points. You actually have to say, would I be envious of his or her whole life?”

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