Welcome to episode 3 of Futureproofing Friday!

Futureproofing Friday will help prepare you for the great unknown future by talking about things that will blow your mind and things that will help you out.  This Friday we are talking about:

  1. Sleep
  2. Burnout versus Bored Out
  3. A book about a guy who followed the breadcrumbs
  4. A tool for sleep

Show Notes:

  • Scientific American article about sleep (2:25)
  • Sleep feels like a waste of productivity (2:53)
  • Electron Microscopy to examine brain tissue (4:00)
  • Shep Gordon followed the breadcrumbs (7:30)
  • He got uncomfortable and made a change (9:52)
  • Netflix documentary (10:07)
  • Lucid Dream Tea (11:23)
  • The idea of burnout (14:35)
  • The five things that are markers of happiness (16:23)
  • There are all sorts of people saying they are burnt out but are they bored out? (19:40)

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